Recording – 04-04-2024 10:18:08

In this interview Reese Martin(17) and Marissa Reck(18), talked with Walt South(68). We discussed Walt’s home life around the 60’s, including where he went to school, what activities he did in and out of school, and information about his family....

1960s Oral History Interview With Bob Rottmann

Ana Rottmann (17) and Bob Rottmann (83) discuss his experience through the 1960s, and what it was like living through historical events including the Vietnam War, the assassinations of JFK and MLK Jr., the moon landing, and more.

Brandon Stile and Ellan Nates

Brandon Stile talks with his grandma about the life in the 60's and various hot topics in the 60's. For example the Vietnam war and the Assasination of MLK and JFK

Abby Keck, Penny Lucas

Abby Keck (17) talks with her grandmother, Penny Lucas (65) about her memories of the 60s. Some topics discussed are music, the moon landing, going to school, anti-war protests, the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr and Robert Kennedy, and...

Shreyas Vijayagopal and William Wulff

William Wulff talks about his life and his experiences during the 1960s and the significant events that had impacted his life and society during that time. He talks about his general experience, the impact the moon landing had on him...

John McKeating and Mary Marcus

One Small Step conversation partners John McKeating (62) and Mary Marcus (77) discuss their differing views about the economy, how both "sides" use propaganda, and the need for moral leadership.