"My mother urging me to be self sufficient left me craving attention."

A mother goes through her life reflecting on how her childhood (or the lack thereof) shaped her mindset on life. There were a lot of amazing memories and damaging mistakes made, but how we learn and grow from those should...

Vanessa Whitley

Here we learn about my aunt’s life as an immigrant, teacher, and retiree.

My Mother

I interview my mother about her first years as a mother.

The interview with my mom

We go into many questions dealing with, life as a child, memories, motherhood, regrets and overall happiness

History of Tara Henley Interview

This interview contains memories and history from my mom’s childhood and memories of raising her children. She discusses her parents, siblings, hardest memories, and dreams. My mother has always told me stories from her childhood and most important moments, but...

My Mother (Lisa) and I

This is me and my mothers story. This interview talks about where I came from and how our family came about.

Story of a Jersey Girl

Mother and son, Anna and Thomas, unpacked family history and Anna’s journey from growing up in a small, atypical family to creating one of her own and a life of community activism.

Nanny’s Memories of Life

From her marriages to her pets to much more, in this interview Nanny, my dad's mom, and I had a candid conversation about how her life has led up until this point. Beginning with more descriptive answers, Nanny illustrated the...

A Mother's Journey

In this, I interviewed my mother and her views on the question's asked.

Fun With The Family

Rhiannon and Donna Borowski talk about anything from family traditions to what 2020 has done to them. They also touch on what life was like while Rhiannon was growing up.