American Girl dolls

I interview my mom about American Girl dolls. It’s my first interview!

Interviewing my mother

We talked about her childhood and getting to know my mother’s past

A conversation with my Mom

I talk to my Mom about what it was like growing up in the Philippines and what changed when she came to the US

Stacey & Paul interview

I decided to interview my mom because she is a very important part in my life and this interview helped me learn more about her.

A mom and a daughter

This interview is between a 14 year old girl (Daijsa Green) and a mom (DeNain Green). It is an insight into her life as questions are asked from her daughter. DeNain answers the questions with truthfulness and love.

A feminist rant & emotional conversations

my best friend Taylor and I dig deep about what it’s like growing up as woman, her role models, struggles, and threats our administration have been making against women

interview with my mom about alcoholism and growth pt1 (honors college)

we discuss the struggles of dealing with a loved one with alcoholism and wise words to help with healing