Great Thanksgiving Listen

For this extra credit opportunity, I decided to interview my mom. She is my biggest inspiration and the one person I can always count on.

My moms interview
December 1, 2021 App Interview

Me and my mom interview

“You are stronger than you think and know that you are always loved”

Asking my mother some heart felt questions to reflect on her life and get some advice for others.

storycorps recording
November 30, 2021 App Interview

We talked about Michael’s life, childhood, work, etc.

Talking to Iliania Vera Luna about her friends and high school life

This a short chat I had with a friend of mine, about how her mothers parenting style and who she chooses as friends effects her life

Interview with Mom

I sat down with my mom to talk about her life and what she hopes for mine.

Interview with mom<3

I talk to my mom about some questions i’ve been wanting to ask her.

Not My Mother’s First Quarantine: Stories from the 1940s TB Pandemic

Lois was nine when her mother was first quarantined in a sanitorium for tuberculosis, a highly contageous and deadly respiratory disease worldwide. She and her three siblings could only visit standing on the lawn, gazing at their mother for as...