Frank McGurgan

Francis McGurgan recounts his life growing up in Pittsburgh working in a bakery in high school. Life as an executive manager in ARA Skychefs, traveling across the USA for his job and after retirement.

Criminal & Gender Injustice Uplifting Voices PART 2: Social Action Adelphi University

PART 2 Kathy Foer-Morse was born in 1959 and currently living in New Jersey. Kathy is now an advocate for women who are being reintegrated into society. Social Work students at Adelphi University have come together to perform a social...

Conversation with my Mother

Maya Shaw, age 50, interviewed her mama, Connie Martino, age 79 (80 in 3 weeks!), and we discussed memories and thoughts about her life.

John Szalay and Al Lemmo

One Small Step partners John Szalay (49) and Al Lemmo (70) have a conversation about the media and overcoming division in the country. They find a common dislike for social media and trouble with talking about politics with their family.

Evan Bordelon and Karen McFee

Evan Bordelon (16) interviews his mother Karen McFee (48)

Interview with my Great-Grandpa, Marvin Bach

This interview was conducted by Viggo Bergs (9) on November 26, 2022. He interviews his Great- Grandpa, Marvin Michael Bach from Wheaton, MN. They discuss everything from growing up to the military.

Chuck Witschorik and Colleen Dunne

Friends Chuck Witschorik (45) and Colleen Dunne (50) talk about their spiritual lives and their experiences in the Catholic Church. They reflect on their work, on building community, and on practicing honesty in their faith.

Anita Wiggins and Deborah Callahan

One Small Step partners Anita Wiggins (65) and Deborah Callahan (56) discuss major events that shaped them, their spirituality as a Catholic and a Mormon, the difficulty raising children with or without their shared beliefs, and self-love.

Robert Fletterick Interview
August 30, 2022 App Interview

I’m Ellery I am 14 and I interviewed my dad.