Robert Surface, Marcella Kubalsky, & Briana Chestnut

Robert is on hospice with the Providence Hospice LA County program for the unhoused. Robert spent most of his life living on the streets of the South Bay area of Southern California. He spoke with his intake nurse, Briana and...

James Villalobos and Melody Fawcett

James discussed his upbringing in a loving family and faith. His mom being a beacon of love and support. He also discussed his mom's cancer diagnosis. He discussed the sacred encounter he had with his mom, a conversation that changed...

Interview of Kevin Knoth

An interview of Kevin Knoth, 51 Male, by his daughter Kaitlyn Kushner, 23 female. The interview entails his life before and after meeting his late wife Tammy Knoth who recently passed away on April 6th, 2023.

Cyane Lowden and Roy Reynolds

One Small Step conversation partners Cyane Lowden (77) and Roy Reynolds (76) share stories, experiences, and perspectives from their respective and abundantly lived lives.

What it is like having cancer

I had a conversation with my grandfather about how it was beating cancer.

Surviving Cancer as a Family

Rachelle (17), Michele (50). Daughter interviews mom about her experiences when her son Joaquin was diagnosed with cancer.

Dad Hospital

David Ronald Kingham, 77 years old just received his cancer diagnosis and a poor prognosis. His children Noah Kingham, 43 years old, and Catherine MacConmara 45 are both visiting him in the hospital. we discussed his feeling about being our...

Chance meeting: Cheryl Houston

Cheryl and Pam talk about Cheryl’s journey from diagnosis to No Evidence of Disease. Cheryl was diagnosed with a rare cancer in 2018. They also talk about their connection through a writers group.