Lillian Thompson’s Story Part 2

Lillian Thompson, age 101, is being interviewed by her daughter, Linda Smith. Part 2 is a collection of stories from her life.

Tyler And his mother Jeannie

Tyler and his mother Jeannie tell stories of his crazy Uncle Loren. Stories of his mother's joy, and finally the stories of whatever pops into her head.

Cyra Sanborn Dumitru and Daniel A. Dumitru

Mother and child Cyra Sanborn Dumitru (64) and Daniel A. Dumitru (29) discuss Daniel's conception via in vitro fertilization, Cyra's pregnancy, and what inspired Cyra to become a parent. They also discuss how Cyra's relationships changed with her loved ones...

Grandad’s stories

In this interview with Grandad (Alan Braverman) and I (Megan Braverman) talks about a favorite story and Grandad's favorite job.

Interview with Patty Sciria by Kaeleigh Sciria
November 25, 2022 App Interview

On Thanksgiving Day, 2022, Kaeleigh Sciria (20), interviews her beautiful mother, Patty Sciria (62), to detail her life and stories. She told stories of her childhood, family, her brother, being a lawyer, and her favorite job as a mother. Patty...