Maggie Donlevie, Ethan Humphrey, and Caroline Ries

Maggie Donlevie (19) interviews Ethan Humphrey (18) and Caroline Ries (17) about their experiences regarding college admissions during the COVID 19 pandemic

Aaron Steich Covid-19 Experience

Cameron Skiles talks with Aaron Steich about his experiences and life during Covid-19.

Ray Gorney and Elizabeth Caruso (Covid Interview)

Ray Gorney and Elizabeth Caruso talk about the effect of Covid on their family and they got through it.

Mia Gutierrez and Yelennia Gutierrez

Mia Gutierrez(16) asks her sister Yelennia Gutierrez(15) question about COVID.

COVID Interview

McKayla R. interviews Cadence U. about her life during the COVID Pandemic.

COVID reflection 2022

10 question interview between Kaiden Sena and Mandi Sena.