Honors American studies immigration interview

This interview is about how my mom overcoming moving into the u.s and obstacles she went through

Interviewing my best friend of 15 years

In this interview listen to my best friend Sean's life experiences and try to learn how they shaped him.

Interview with Grandma

Our interview focused on a time in her life when she moved to Iran with her husband and the circumstances which forced her to move back home. She discusses her favorite memories and lessons she learned.

2,372 Miles Apart

Two sisters discussed the hardships and successes of living apart

"Be a good person and work hard" – An inspirational testimony from my personal idol, my father

My name is Avery Maddox and I interviewed my father, Steve Maddox. I discussed topics including my father's regrets of not staying close to his family, raising 2 female daughters, and finally to his chaotic childhood of moving every 3...

A Journey Unfolding

Julie and I talked about her journey from New Jersey to California.

Renee Bell and David Goodwin

Renee Bell (47) interviews her father, David Goodwin (71), about his childhood, and his experience building the house Renee grew up in.

The Journey of Life pt. 1

As we talk to Youbii, we will discover where he is from. What his life is like and what are the changes in his life.

Abena Foreman-Trice and Adam Greenbaum

Abena Foreman-Trice [no age given] shares a conversation with her co-board member Adam Greenbaum (49) from The Arcadia Project. They talk about their experiences in Staunton, VA, the role of art and theater in their lives, their work in renovating...

StoryCorps interview: Marilyns dad

We talked about his experience moving and the difficulties he faced.