James Angerstein and Jessica Angerstein

Jessica Angerstein (41) asks her dad, James Angerstein (81), about his life, including memories of growing up in El Paso, his work as a music teacher, and his time serving in the Army. The two also reflect on their family...

Ron Williams and Barbara Feinberg

One Small Step partners Ron Williams (52) and Barbara Feinberg (81) exchanges stories that humbled them, lessons from parenting, and fears about the future of their country.

Cuquita Martinez and Roger Martinez

Roger Martinez (61) has a conversation with his mother, Cuquita Martinez (96), about her life experiences, her book, her love for God and music, and her relationship with her husband, Arsenio Orlando Martinez. They also talk about family, support, and...

Ann Hallmark and Amanda Ekery

Ann Hallmark [no age given] speaks with friend and former student Amanda Ekery (28) about the role of music throughout her life.

Kabin Thomas and Stephanie King

One Small Step partners Kabin Thomas [no age given] and Stephanie King [no age given] speak on their experiences as teachers, moments they have witnessed acts of racism against themselves or their family, their upbringings and various other topics.

Columbus Bryant and Ben Rivers

One Small Step partners Columbus Bryant (66) and Ben Rivers (39) discuss their careers and their political views. Ben shares how their identity as a gay, nonbinary person shapes their social and political views, and Columbus shares the impact that...

Marsha Meekins Cheatham and Lisa Watson

One Small Step partners Marsha Meekins Cheatham (70) and Lisa Watson [no age given] share a conversation about Black Lives Matter, their work, and their political views and values. They also talk about their perspectives on abortion, on environmentalism, the...

Hans Westermark and Lorraine Westermark

Spouses, Hans Westermark (72) and Lorraine Westermark [no age given], share a conversation about their childhoods and how they first met. Hans also talks about how he came to the United States from Sweden, and Lorraine talks about her career...