Whitney Broussard and Charles Monlezun

Whitney Broussard (45) interviews his uncle Charles Monlezun (77) about his experience living through Hurricane Audrey.

"Do what good you can" Chris Spangler, Wesley Donaldson, Joseph Palmer

Chris Spangler talks with his cousin Wesley Donaldson and friend Joseph Palmer, who are both Police Officers and went to high school together, about how to better reform the police. With many calling for defunding the police, what are some...

Shakoya Hoyte and Jeb Backe

Shakoya Hoyte (21) speaks with StoryCorps Facilitator, Jeb Backe (26), about her upbringing and her current military career. Shakoya describes her reasoning to be in the military— so that her education can be payed for and she may one day...

Ebony Clark and Braxton Parker

Ebony Clark (47) speaks with her son Braxton Parker (22) about his time in the National Guard. They reflect on Braxton leaving home for basic training, the friendships he made during that time, and what makes their bond as mother...

Martika Evans and Ian Gonzalez

Martika "Tika" Evans (34) speaks with StoryCorps Facilitator Ian Gonzalez (26) about why she chose to join the military, her memories of basic training, and her experience being a mom.

Jesse'ca Palmer and Ian Gonzalez

Jesse'ca Palmer (22) sits down with StoryCorps Facilitator Ian Gonzalez to speak about her experience as a young woman embarking on her military career. Jesse'ca reflects on her reasons for joining the military, the highs and lows of basic training,...

Danny Nielsen and Timothy Nielsen

Timothy "Tim" Nielsen (46) interviews his father Danny Nielsen (77) about his childhood, his military experience, and what he is most proud of.

Guy Linscott and Brenda Peluso

Guy Linscott (85) speaks with his Daughter Brenda Peluso (61) about his experiences in the Navy and Coast Guard. Guy reflects on what the military taught him and remembers his friends and mentors who have passed.

Stories of the National Guard and Navy.

interviewing my step dad on his time in the us military. Asking him to tell different stories and about friends he has made.