My interview with Deputy Hunt

I chose to interview deputy hunt. he is 42 years old and married. He was able to provide answers to all of the questions I asked him. I learn that his father was Native American.

Jerilyn DeCoteau and Rick Williams

Colleagues and friends, Jerilyn DeCoteau (74) and Rick Williams [no age given], discuss the term "indigenous" and its implications regarding identity and tribal sovereignty. Both also speak about the benefits and services meant for individuals who are members of sovereign...

Carla Yoder and Chloe Beelby
September 28, 2023 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Carla Yoder (68) and Chloe Beelby (42) discuss the well-being of kids, teaching, ancestry, and religion.

Stephine Poston and Shayai Lucero

Stephine "Steph" Poston (55) speaks to fellow entrepreneur and friend Shayai Lucero (48) about the impact of the Native Women Lead organization on their entrepreneurial journeys as Native women business owners.

Mama Jackie & Me

I interviewed my grandmother, Mama Jackie for my history project. We discussed our family history, traditions, and ancestry. I learned a lot about my family history during my interview with grandmother.

A conversation with my grandmother

Please, If you have suffered from abuse or anything. PLEASE DON'T LISTEN, THERE IS HEAVY TOPICS IN THIS INTERVIEW. Me and my grandmother spoke about her past, growing up with her father who went to a boarding school. We both...

Stephen Fox and Leonard Hayes

One Small Step conversation partners Stephen Fox (72) and Leonard Hayes (61) discuss the power of divisive media, the importance of transparent government, and the challenges that Native Americans continue to face.

The Modern Native American
December 8, 2022 App Interview

An interview with a 1/2 native girl about her native culture and how it plays into her modern life.