Barbara Kates and Douglas Nye

One Small Step conversation partners Douglas "Doug" Nye (74) and Barbara Kates (69) talk about religion and spiritual life, the Back to the Land Movement, sobriety, activism, differences in views on government, and hopes for their future generations.

Roberta Hudlow and Jennifer Staed

Jennifer Staed (55) interviews her friend Roberta Hudlow (86) about her childhood, time as a teacher, religion, her relationship with God, values, and hopes for the future.

Kelly House and Bailey Tlachac

Friends and cousins Kelly House (25) and Bailey Tlachac (25) discuss being Oneida, their right to be in higher education, safe spaces they created in college at the First Nations Studies Center at the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay,...

Fred Sanchez and Brenda Rodriguez

Cousins Brenda Rodriguez (62) and Fred Sanchez (57) discuss their ancestors with a focus on their great-great grandfather Salvador Sanchez whom they learned was a Navajo nation member.

Shelley Buffalo and Thomas Peters

Shelley Buffalo (55) talks with her eldest son Thomas Peters (22) about the Meskwaki nation and their tribal bison herd. Thomas describes working with the bison and their importance to the tribe. Recorded at the Practical Farmers of Iowa annual...

Michael Lyons and David Hoffman

One Small Step conversation partners Michael Lyons (71) and David Hoffman [no age given] talk about their careers, the importance of family, and the difficulty of talking about politics in the current era of political divisiveness.

Living on the Red River between Texas and Oklahoma

Lemuel D. Cook, a Native Chickasaw and Choctaw Indian, has been all over the world, but his paradise is on the banks of the Red River between Texas and Oklahoma. He has many stories about his adventures on the River.