SPCH Interview

Cooper Lawrence and Sarah Helm discussing fundamental interview questions

embodied listening

hello I am a fircrest Douglas firn who is excited to describe my life and my experiences. I hope you enjoy .

Embodied Listening

This is my Embodied Listening Activity. My chosen element in nature was a tree stump outside of Saint Martin’s Abbey in the garden.

Zach Ping interview

We go in depth on what Zach Ping enjoys and finds fruitful in life

My First Walk – COR320W

This is the first walk I’ve taken around campus, observing my surroundings, for our class. I walked the trail near the track.

Matthew White and Matthew Baxley
November 18, 2022 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Matthew White (49) and Matthew Baxley (39) talk about growing up in conservative Christian families, being homeschooled, being shaped by trauma in their childhood, and their love of the outdoors.

Derick McGhee and Gregory Lakin

One Small Step partners Derick McGhee (35) and Gregory Lakin (63) share a conversation about their work, their faith, and their community. They discuss issues prevalent to rural Kansas such as addiction, isolation, and climate change.