Lawson Leonard Delony III and Lawson Delony

Lawson Leonard Delony III (63) interviews his father, Lawson L. Delony Jr. (92), on his birthday. They also celebrate Lawson Leonard Delony III's 50 year anniversary since first being diagnosed with cancer.

Bhavya Patel and Harsh Patel

Harsh Patel discusses the impacts of Covid-19 on his mental and social health. He also discusses his go-to methods for maintaining a healthy lifestyle during Covid-19, whether that means taking a walk around the local lake or considering the hypotheticals...

envs 3525 project

Interviewing my mother about the importance of place and nature.

Bobbie Flanders and Cindy Domasky

Cindy Domasky: 2020-11-25 20:48:46 Friends - Bobby reads several pieces she wrote in a class we attended, memories of childhood, her dog Bob, nature, a mean rooster, her family

Martha Mathews, Ann Wells, and PJ Pronger

Siblings, PJ Pronger (67), Martha Mathews (68) and Ann Wells (75), recall their upbringing on their family ranch in Texas.

Mpx(interview with my dad)

We talked about what he does that impacts the world in a positive way