Marion Gruber, Suzy Blough, Sara Blough, and Randi Yablon

Marion Gruber (86) visits StoryCorps Atlanta to talk about her life with her daughters, Randi Yablon (62) and Suzy Blough (61), as well as her granddaughter Sara Blough (27).

Les & Susan Cooper

Les and his family had many narrow escapes from the Nazis during the war and they eventually managed to escape across the boarder to Austria from Hungary. They had to live in a camp for a few months before they...

Paulina Castiel & Annette Weinberg

Paulina, during the war the Nazis would make their lives miserable. When she was four they were taken from their home in Romania and forced them into a ghetto where they waited to be taken to Auschwitz. Her father was...

Eva Perlman & Annette Weinberg

Eva was eight months old when Hitler come to power. Her father was part of the resistance and fled with her and her brothers to Marseille, France then on to Lyon where he continued to fight for the resistance. Her...

Caroline Weingarten & Annette Weinberg

Caroline, 98, sat down with Annette to share her story about surviving the Holocaust. She was 13 when Hitler came into power. Looking for a way out, she was one of 300 who were allowed to go to Palestine, because...

Beq Parker and Kenneth Wetcher

One Small Step participants, Kenneth "Ken" Wetcher (80) and Beq Parker (72), talk about their political views, identities, and differing ideas about the military.

12 months, 12 camps, 12 years old: A Dark Time in History.

At just 12 years old, Edith Frankie’s life was turned upside down. She went from having friends to being called an ugly jew, having rocks and mud thrown at her, and being forced to wear the yellow star on all...

A Driven Father, striving to be driven like his father

I interview my father Herb Staniszewski (60) about when he first saw me, and about his father

Escaping from the Nazis

“My grandmother didn’t want to leave, and my mother, very bravely at age 24 went back to Prague and got her mother and her younger sister Mimi out of Prague with great difficulty… on the last train before Hitler marched...