Interviewing my mom

Asking her how her life was impact when she came to the Undes States and what were some of the struggles she faced in her homeland and when coming here to america

Interview with my grandma

Talking about my grandma’s move from Lebanon to the United States. Also about how it was to move to a new country back then.

Entering A New World

Traveling to a new country after your country was taken over was difficult.

A Change in Lifestyle

“In Michigan people were super nice, and that’s not always the case in LA,” said Linda Branca when her son, Dylan Branca interviewed her. The interview took place on Janurary 6, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. The best part of...

Grammy thanksgiving 2018

Talking with Grammy about her life lived.

Interview with Martha Rocha

I am speaking with Martha Rocha about what her life has been like since she moved to the United States from Columbia. She absolutely loves it here!

Migration from Syria

In this interview I sat down with my friend Raghad and asked her about her migration from Syria to the United States. I also had her compare life and school.

All Of The Universe Is All In This One Moment (Part 2)

We talked about her childhood and the struggles that she faced growing up. As well as where her life has taken her now. We talked about the people and events that have influenced her life as well as the harder...