Steve Bornstein and his work life

“The hardest professional thing i’ve done had to be defying my boss.” On January 6th 2019 in Los Angeles California Mason Bornstein(14) interviewed his father Steve Bornstein(66) about his professional success. In this interview you will see more in depth...

Vietnam by association

Back in New Jersey. In the sixties, life was easy, not much to worry about until the Vietnam war came along. In November, 2018, Jude Bornstein is interviewing his dad Steve Bornstein. Jude asks His father Steve Bornstein about what...

NFL kneel

Interview talking about NFL players and kneeling during the anthem.

An interview with Bassel about national anthem protests.

Roommates discuss one of the most polarizing topics of debate in the sport they love.

NFL kneeling

Interview on his point of view on the NFL kneelings

New media project

Ben Dallman shares his views and beliefs on the current NFL protest.

News Media Project

A view on NFL players using the media to bring social issues to the attention of the nation

NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem

My name is Lindsay Price and I interviewed my two roommates on their opinions on NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.

My Dad’s Story (As Of Now)

This interview is private.