Aaron Win StoryCorps APUSH 2

Interviewing my aunt who has been in my life and have taken care of me upon arrival of my parents in the US

Childhood Names

This interview is about family names and the origins of those names.

Meghana and Olivia

We talked about memories, beliefs, nicknames and religion.

Listen and learn

We talked mostly about her childhood and the miny stories she can recall from it

A heartwarming interview with my Vovo

I interviewed my grandmother from my mother’s side. I asked her some questions about her life, why she immigrated to the United States in 1988, and what she was thankful for Thanksgiving.

my crazy mother

we talked about a lot of things, but most of it was more family things.

Interview with dad!

On November 26th i (Jack Fisher) interviewed my dad in leesburg, VA in our home office. I talked to my dad about his childhood and his perspective on life. I learned a lot about him I didn’t know.