Isabell Lentfer and Alex Prentice

I interviewed Alex Prentice who is a 20 year old student at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Alex is graduating next week and returning to his home state of Minnesota after. He grew up playing soccer and talks about how that taught...

Annel Mena and Dr. Hilda Ontiveros

Colleagues Annel Mena (23) and Dr. Hilda Ontiveros (41) discuss Annel's experience as a woman in sports. Annel serves as one of very few woman referees in sports in El Paso, Texas. They also discuss sexism at large and seeing...

Son Asks Father On Growing Up in the UK

Ustat Nihal Singh (14) asks Mandeep Singh Rai (43) about his early childhood. He also asks about sacrifices that we’re made for him and how that shaped him as a person.

My Grandpa Soccer Star Josef Jelinek
December 2, 2022 App Interview

My name is Anthony Jelinek and I interviewed my grandpa Josef Jelinek who was born in 1946 in Communist Czechoslovakia. He played in the World Cup before he sought asylum in Italy and later immigrated to the United States where...