Sister Marie Therese Summers and Sister Clare Carr

Benedictine Sisters of Benet Hill Monastery Sister Marie Therese "MT" Summers (71) and Sister Clare Carr (73) come together to talk about their experience as religious women following the call of God, particularly living as part of a monastic community....

Sister Rita Bergamini & Molly Swain

Sr. Rita first lived at Providence Mount St. Vincent (The Mount) when she was a novice back in 1947 and later took her vows at the chapel there. After leaving for her first mission, she returned in 1972 and became...

Sr. Susanne Hartung & Mary Anne Sladich-Lantz with Rosanne Ponzetti

Dear friends, Sr. Susanne & Mary Anne, shared stories of their long friendship, what drives them to do the work they love so much, and their faith & faith traditions. Sr. Susanne also talked about have cancer twice and the...

A personal interview

We talked about what he would tell his great great grandchildren that will be listening years from now . We talked about who has inspired him to do better .

Carla Saavedra and Alice Hill

Carla Saavedra (56) talks with her mother, Alice Hill (85), who was born in Tampa in 1936 at an immigrant Spanish hospital. They talk of family members working in the cigar factory, migrating from Spain and her great aunt being...

Imad Enchassi and Lani Habrock

Lani Habrock (36) interviews her colleague Imam Imad Enchassi (57) about his childhood on a refugee camp in Lebanon and his interfaith work.

Father Patrick Philbin and Joseph Dao

Joseph speaks with his pastor and mentor Father Patrick Philbin about his work as an English teacher and missionary in Vietnam and the impact it has had on his life and ministry. Father Patrick also talks about having kidney failure...

Jodi Logan and Betsy Meagher

One Small Step partners, Jodi Logan (53) and Betsy Meagher (75) learn about each other's different opinions on COVID, the election, and the role of government while maintaining the understanding that they practice the same faith.