Pa Yeng Lee Interview

Pa Yeng Lee is a nurse practitioner in the Preoperative Anesthesia Clinic at the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Healthcare System located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has practiced at the VA for four years, since being hired as a new grad in...

Mary Sonnen Interview

My name is Mary Sonnen. I graduated from Archbishop Murray Memorial High School in 1962 and the College of St. Catherine in 1966. I have a Bachelor of Science degree, Nursing being my focus. Upon graduation and certification as a...

Linda Hadden 9.22.2023

Dr. Linda Hadden is certified as both a pediatric and adult care nurse practitioner. She received a master’s of science in Nursing and post-master’s Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Certification at St. Kate’s , and a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) at...

Lori Winchell 7.28.23

BIOGRAPHY: I was born in Glendale, California in the early 1950’s. I grew up in a small town called Tujunga. I attended a public high school in the late 1960’s during a time of social change. I remember events such...

Marion Skelton and Mary Skoldberg

Mary E. Skoldberg [no age given] interviews her mother Marion C. Skelton (90) about her work as a nurse practitioner in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the legacy she's left in women's health.

Mary Lagaard Interview 7-7-2023

BIOGRAPHY: Mary Wotzka Lagaard entered her nursing career through the “back door” of psychology. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from St. Benedict’s College in central MN, but eventually received a nursing degree from the University of Iowa in...

Edwidge Thomas and Jean Thomas

Edwidge Thomas (60) shares a conversation with her spouse, Jean Thomas (60), about her career in healthcare, about her mother, who inspired that career, and about her commitment to redressing health disparities.

Pricilla Malagon Bon & Lisa Traucht

Pricilla, a nurse practitioner and her work 'sister', Lisa, a social worker, share stories of their work in palliative care. Trying to leave work at work so they can be fully present with their families when they get home. What...

Boyon Yun & Will Rogers

Boyon shares with Will what led her to a career as a nurse practitioner and now has her DNP, working during COVID and being overextended. Her work with the APC mentorship program at Providence.