Katie Hatfield, Natalia Calonzo, and Kim Entwistle

Katie Hatfield, Natalia Calonzo, and Kim Entwistle talked about what led them to becomes nurses and what drew them to Providence. They also shared some of the most memorable stories of their nursing careers and what advice they had for...

What it is like being a new Nurse

A new nurse in the real world. Please not that after 22 minutes, it is just silence because the mic was still on. The interview was only 22 minutes so you do not need to listen beyond that point.

Roshni/Jason’s Living History Project

I interviewed my mother about her immigration story but was not limited to her immigration story. Questions would include her life in India both before and after immigration. Her family life, her perspective, and personal story. My ultimate goal was...


Being that I am going back to school to be a nurse I thought it fitting to interview a nurse I have worked with for several years.

Annabella Vidal-Ruiz and Anthony Buralli

Husband and wife, Anthony Buralli (32) and Annabella Vidal-Ruiz (32), talk about their experience during COVID as spouses and Annabelle as a nurse working in a hospital.

Nicole Zemroz and Jessica Anderson

Jessica Anderson (32) talks to her good friend Nicole Zemroz (31) about Nicole's three years as a nurse and the joys and difficulties they've shared working in the medical field.

Jie Xiong and Zhijun Xiong

熊杰和她的父親熊志軍講述了他們在美國治療澱粉樣變性的獨特旅程,當時志軍來探親,但在 COVID19 大流行期間無法返回中國接受治療。 志軍免費從斯坦福醫療保健中心接受了無與倫比的癌症治療,並以他們無法想像的方式影響了他們的生活。 Jie Xiong and her father Zhijun Xiong talk about their unique journey in United States dealing Amylolysis when Zhijun came for a family visit but unable to return back to China for treatment during the COVID-19...


interviewing my older sister and asking her about her job and future