November 26, 2018 App Interview
Grandpa/Anthony Varriale’s Journey

This interview is about my Grandfathers, Anthony Varriale life and how he grew up, until now.

Tina Caracciolo Forte

Today I interviewed Tina Forte and asked her about her husband and all of the trips they went on together. Also how she lived right next door to her best friend, my grandmother and some of the most important things...

November 22, 2018 App Interview
Lucas Galvez, gaining an insight from his great-grandmother, Diane Zukaitis, about the past.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Oceanside, New York, Lucas Galvez (11) interviews his great-grandmother Diane Zukaitis (88) about the past, the future, and morals. Ms. Zukaitis shares stories about her daughter, her husband, and her parents. She...