George Allen Haas and Jody Harper

Jody Harper (59) interviews her friend George Allen Haas (60) about his family history, specifically their military experiences during the Second World War.

Leah Davis Witherow and William Hybl

Leah Davis Witherow (55) interviews William Hybl [no age given] about growing up in Pueblo, Colorado, serving in the Army in Ethiopia, and his work in the district attorney’s office.

Finding Your Way – An Interview With Candace Souweine

In this interview between Maria Kesisoglou (age 15) and community leader Candace Souweine (age 71) on discovering one’s path in life, they discuss generational differences in education and the journey that led Ms. Souweine to business and community leadership. Ms....

The Treatment of the Mentally and Physically Disabled

This is an interview done by Madison Garrett in which she interviews a long time worker in the field of special needs, Todd. He has worked in this field for over 35 years and states that the change in perception...

Oscar Szmuch & Annette Weinberg

Oscar, born in Siberia, was a toddler when WWII broke out. His father was in the Russian military and could see what was taking place in Europe and became fearful for his family. After a stint in a Polish relocation...

Edith de Guzman and Andy Lipkis

Edith de Guzman interviews TreePeople founder Andy Lipkis about 50 years in the urban forest movement...and planting 1 million trees for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles

Kate Nelson interview

My aunt kate was in the 1996 olympics on the rhythmic gymnastics team. She was 18 and had just graduated high school months before.

Christian Taylor and Stephanie Taylor

Christian Taylor (30) talks with his mother, Stephanie Taylor (60), about his experience as an Olympic athlete. Christian talks about his event, the triple jump, and some of his challenges and accomplishments in the event. Stephanie shares what it is...

Robert Holme and Paul Wylie

Friends Robert "Bob" Holme (51) and Paul Wylie (56), talk about how they met through their Olympic sports and how they learned about each others' events through competing in the Olympics. They discuss the ins and outs of ski jumping...