Christian Taylor and Stephanie Taylor

Christian Taylor (30) talks with his mother, Stephanie Taylor (60), about his experience as an Olympic athlete. Christian talks about his event, the triple jump, and some of his challenges and accomplishments in the event. Stephanie shares what it is...

Robert Holme and Paul Wylie

Friends Robert "Bob" Holme (51) and Paul Wylie (56), talk about how they met through their Olympic sports and how they learned about each others' events through competing in the Olympics. They discuss the ins and outs of ski jumping...

Mari Holden and Dean Golich

Mari Holden (49) talks with her cycling coach, Dean Golich (55), about her journey as a cyclist and the challenges she faced as she competed in cycling. She remembers her experience in the Tour de France and competing and winning...

Stephanie Wheeler and Christina Ripp-Schwab

Friends and Olympians Stephanie Wheeler (39) and Christina Ripp-Schwab (40) share memories of how they became involved in wheelchair basketball, talk about competing in the Olympics, and also discuss the future of their sport.

Tim Burke, Billy Demong, and Lowell Bailey

Friends Tim Burke (38), Billy Demong (40), and Lowell Bailey (39) share memories of how they grew up together learning to ski in Upstate New York, and how they eventually started competing at the Olympic level.

Carol Lewis and Carl Lewis

Siblings Carl Lewis (59) and Carol Lewis [no age given] talk about how they became involved in track and field, reflect on the impact of their mother, and remember competing at the 1984 Olympics.

BJ Miller and Michelle Blessing

BJ Miller (47) is interviewed by her friend Michelle Blessing (56) about her time as an Olympic swimmer, and they reflect on success, failure, and growth.

Deborah McFadden and Tatyana McFadden

Tatyana McFadden [no age given] and her mother Deborah McFadden [no age given] talk about when they first met at an orphanage in the Soviet Union, share memories from Tatyana's journey to becoming a Paralympian, and also discuss disability advocacy,...

Cammi Granato Ferraro and Angela Ruggiero

Friends and former teammates Cammi Granato (49) and Angela Ruggiero (40) talk about growing up playing hockey as girls on boy's teams, what it was like to win gold medals at the first Olympics that allowed women's hockey, and what...