One Small Step: Nancy

“I have patients that are losing their homes because of medical bills, and I think that we are a very rich country but our healthcare is a problem.”

One Small Step: Kyle

“When I was five, my mom and my aunt took me to a John Kerry rally in 2004 when he was running for president.”

One Small Step: Julie

“My parents were pretty strict– it’s totally different than when I was a kid.”

One Small Step: Glen

“When I moved to North Haven in 1965, and I realized that I was ‘other’.”

One Small Step: Earnie

“Growing up in an Italian-Catholic family, with immigrant parents, immigrant grandparents, helped me to see the world through a blue-collar lens.”

One Small Step: Anonymous

“How did your childhood shape your view of the world? The positive view of the world from my parents.”

One Small Step: Jane

“I grew up in a house where there were so many pictures of John F. Kennedy that I thought he was a relative.”

One Small Step: Michael

“My mother refused to rent a house to a physics professor with a PhD from Trinity because he was black, so I became very Liberal.”

One Small Step

“I’m open minded. My mother said ‘Just love everything. Exprience everything. Be open minded.'”

One Small Step: Samantha

“I did not care in anyway about politics before I started thinking about where the world is headed and what it’s gonna look like when my kids get older.”