Nicole Sanchez interviewing her oldest sister Haydee Sanchez about COVID

A kids view on Covid

An interview with my 7 year old with some memories about covid and a mix of fun question.

An Interview with a Chinese Student and Friend in America

Paul talks about the adjustments he faced as he came to school in America, especially during the time of COVID, and also about his life and hobbies and what ultimately drives him.

Nursing during Covid

My name is Amber White I'm 41 years old. I'm am interviewing my mother Sheila Spence LPN who is 59 years old. The interview is about what she went through as a nurse in a nursing home during the Covid...

COVID – 19

Wendy Kennedy is a 23 year old that is expressing how COVID -19 effected her life negativity and how she has flourish after this pandemic .

Bettie Huynh and Covid

interviewee Betty Huynh talks about how Covid directly effected her and her family. there was a lot of discrimination against the Asian American community due to the fact that people thought they were to blame.

Stratton Pharmacy: Michael Aito – Jack Silberstein

Michael Aito, the owner of Stratton Pharmacy in Scarsdale, New York, has been the strength and stay of the surrounding community for nearly 30 years. As a pharmacist and first-responder, the unprecedented Covid times forced Aito to adapt his business...

“A Life of Growth and Change: An interview with Xujin”
December 15, 2022 App Interview

My name is Yuru I interviewed my friend Xujin and both of us are 21 years old. This interview is focused on Xujin's thoughts on life.