This interview was all about kindness.

Interview with Mom

Charlie’s interview with his mom for 5th grade Humanities at OWS

Interview with Mr. Olson

Mr. Olson’s story shows that life during the Great Depression and the Korean War has both the a lot of hardships but also many happy memories. He’s lived an incredible life, with the core values of honesty, thoughtfulness, and patriotism.

Talking with my grandfather

Talking with my grandpa, who worked in army communications.

Interview with Mr Pellegrini

An interview with my lacrosse coach asking about his life experiences.

Humanities interview grandpa larry
March 24, 2019 App Interview

I learned many things about my grandfather. He’s old but wise and just a kind soul. But he never found beyound in bed bath and beyound

Interview with Rashmi

My interview with Rashmi Anand and moments in her life.

Margaret Holland

This is my interview on Margaret Holland and this interview is about her life. I hope you enjoy.