We talked about some of the things that my pa did or some things that happened to him prior to me knowing to him.

Interview with my grandmother, Carol Green, about the effect of her father’s untimely death on her life

We talked about how my grandmother grew up and what her childhood relationship was like with her family. We also talked about how her father died and what effects his death had on her.

The life of David Spirt.

I Bradley Spirt interviewed my grandpa, David Spirt on November 23, 2018 in Pennsylvania. We discussed how is childhood was and how school was, how he met my Grandma. When he was in school he went to an all boys...

Alexis Torstenson and her Grammy discuss Grammy’s childhood in rural Pennsylvania

Alexis Torstenson and her grandmother, Betty Lou Waldner, talk about what life was like growing up in Gordon, Pennsylvania. They discuss colleges, chickens, and homecoming queens, among other things.