daily rambledote with Alice Mae
December 31, 2022 App Interview

LiannaTennal (42), interviews Alice Mae, her daughter, about the Daily Antidote of Song and other musical topics.

my assignment

Interview with my friend about the pandemic for a school assignment.

Mercedes Andrade and Angela Jacquez

Friends and colleagues Mercedes Andrade (39) and Angela Jacquez (46) reflect on their friendship, traditions they love, and their travel plans for the future. They hope to travel together to New York, New York and Paris, France in the near...

Noah Bogart interview.
December 13, 2022 App Interview

Noah Bogart and Suzy Stewart interview about the covid 19 pandemic.

Suzy Stewart pandemic
December 13, 2022 App Interview

Noah Bogart and Susie Stuart interview group pertaining to the pandemic.

Interview with SUNY Delhi Student
December 7, 2022 App Interview

Mackenzie Norman is a SUNY Delhi Student who experienced college during the pandemic. Mackenzie explains how the transition was from in-person to online classes. We also discuss how her connections with her friends and professors changed or grew.

Covid 19

I was honored to interview my best fried who is a research scientist for a pharmaceutical company. And i got to learn a lot from her through this interview and I would say indeed we are warriors as she said.

Mark Brauer and Lisa Jiardini

Mark Brauer (59) and One Small Step partner Lisa Jiardini (55) discuss their beliefs and find common ground despite belonging to different political parties.