Amy Behrend and Gregory Behrend

Amy Behrend (30) speaks with her husband Gregory Behrend (33) about how they met, their careers, and their decision to start a non-profit together.

Paramedic Point of View

My husband, Scott, explained why he became a Paramedic and about his job. He also talked about the different types of Paramedics.

Career interview

I discussed the career or paramedic with an active practicing Kent County Delaware Paramedic.

Joyce Patterson-Rogers and Norm Rooker

Joyce Patterson-Rogers (85) remembers her daughter, Meredith, with her son Norm Rooker (64). Norm reflects on the different experiences that led him to choose a career as a paramedic and firefighter and Joyce shares about her radical feminist past.

It picked me.

This was an interview for my Interpersonal Communications class

Maria Dominguez and Phillip Casanova

Maria "Terry" Dominquez (57) speaks with her nephew Phillip Casanova (28) about her career as a rescue medical firefighter, the deployment during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and her reflections almost 20 years later.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

Hi, I’m Dalia Siegel, I am 14 years old and I am interviewing my dad. My dad, Jonathan Siegel, is a paramedic. In this interview we spoke about family and work. Happy Thanksgiving!