First man I loved

Interviewed Felix Velez, 63 years old, and he is my Father. In this interview I asked him questions that stirred up sweet and sad memories,but I got the most endearing answers.

Interview with Mina

Mina Swindell, age 70, mother and immigrant. questions include proudest and worst moments in life, memories, etc

Interview with my mother(Maya Shaw)

My mother is 50 years old at the time of recording. We talked about all things from her life and her legacy.

StoryTelling Assignment

Interview with my mom. Basically about life and her childhood, how she grew up and what she did in her time to become where she is today.

SOC 310 interview

interview with my mom about her life and childhood.

mom interview

Amber Douglas (47) and Emma Douglas (22) mother and daughter discussing life

Interview with my Stepdaddy

My name is Morgan, I interviewed my stepdad CJ. He’s been in my life since I was 2. We discussed his childhood.

My Dad Tim Cox

my name is Benjamin Cox and I’m interviewing my dad about his life

Interview for school

Victor interviewed his mother about her legacy.

mom interview: her driving experience

I interviewed my mom and we discussed her driving experience and what learning how to drive was like for her at my age.