Easton Sisters

Darth and Terra Easton sharing childhood memories and lessons learned from their Dad.

So Many Happy Moments

In this interview I (17) interview my mother, Nellie Walker (45) about her life from childhood up to now. She and I discuss her experiences as a parent, our roots as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day...

My mom talks about her childhood through parenthood

My mom, Cate Hollister, talks about how she was raised as well as how she was shaped as a child all the way to being a parent

Vicki and Damien

I learned more about my mother, and what I was like as a child, and how I am now

Thatha pt 1

This interview is about my late grandpa in the words of his son

My Grandpa, James Addison Hinman

This is my grandpa, James Addison Hinman. This interview was to show the life of my grandpa from upstate New York all the way to when he was the father of my dad. The interview goes through childhood, school, the...

December 2, 2018
My Mom’s Story from North Dakota to Memphis

I interview my mom about her childhood growing up in North Dakota and experience moving to Memphis. She gives her perspective from working internationally at FedEx to being a cellist and my mother.