Easton Sisters

Darth and Terra Easton sharing childhood memories and lessons learned from their Dad.


We talked about what life was like growing up for my father. We discussed several historical events that he lived through. We talked about his childhood and his parents and the stories that they have told throughout the years.

Nana Interview

We talked about her childhood and where she’s lived. Along with this, we discussed life experiences and how they’ve impacted her life.

Ashley & Mom
November 17, 2018 App Interview

My mother and I discussing her childhood, how she likes to live her day to day life, and how the 2 intertwine.

Life through the eyes of Yahaira Perdomo

In this interview conducted on October of 2018 in New York City, Orlando Caceres interviews his mother, Yahaira Perdomo on her experiences on life in the Dominican Republic, youth, motherhood and most recently her experience emigrating to the United States...

Interview with grandma Sue

We talked a lot about what happens when my grandma was younger. All the people that influenced her and how she fell in love.

Ryan Interviews His Grandparents About Their Childhood And Life as Parents Of 5

Ryan interviews both his grandparents over Thanksgiving break to talk about their life’s growing up. The interview talks about their childhood and life as parents.