Chris Hazelton

Chris Hazelton, 73, and Jessica Gribble, 46, father and daughter, talk about Chris's early life through marriage and his early teaching career.

Interview With My Mother

In this interview I, Owen Hill, age 20, interview my mother, Jessica Battcher, age 42, about how she navigates life.

mom 2023

it’s 2023 now, due to Covid I haven’t seen my family in Japan since 2017 and I realize now that the number of times I will see them over the coming decades is small. I wanted to take the chance...

Susan Todd

I interviewed my mom Susan Todd age 78.

“Never forget where you come from”

Interview in French between Juliette, 17 years old, and my mom, Florence. About her life, the person that influenced her the most and what she would tell the next generations.

Public Speaking Interview

I interviewed my mother Katie Tendick about her life and what she was like growing up.

Interview With My Mom

I interview my mother and learn about some of the experiences she's had, as well as share my own thoughts about her that I rarely get to express.

Interview with Mother

I just talked to my 50 year old mom about her life.

Jake and Alex teaching and parenting

Jake 32 Alexandra aka Alex 31 talkin bout parenting and teaching