Father-Son Advice

Matthew Caselle (17) interviews his father, Joseph Caselle (57), on the topics of childhood and parenting.


Janai (me) and her mom (Tammy) talk about her life as a parent and how her life choices led her to who she is today

Recording – 05-19-2024 12:37:23

Sons Mark and Ryland discuss with their mother, Virginia Musick, her life and experiences as a nurse educator.

Father and Daughter Reflects on Teaching

A man (48) reflects on his years of teaching middle and high school, both through highs and the lows to his daughter (15).

Recording – 05-16-2024 21:26:57

Duha and her grandma talked about the life of her grandma while raising 11 kids and how her life was effected by it . While also discussing grandma’s dreams for kids and grandchildren.

Immigration Interview

Abhay (15) and his father, Harish (50), discuss his immigration from India to the US.

Growing Up in a Small Town in Iowa

Timothy Juhlin (dad) and Ava Juhlin (his daughter) discuss growing up in a small town in Iowa and how he has changed over the years.

Grandma & Kayla

Nayda (84) and granddaughter Kayla (27) discuss a range of topics.