Interview with my mom and her childhood

This interview introduces my mom and how she grew up such as her childhood and what her perspective on her family members are.

Steve and Dad (First)

First story corps interview, learned a few things

Daisy Biggers – GreatListen2018

Daisy’s story of growing up with divorced parents and how it shaped her as a person and a parent herself.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

My mom discussed what growing up in a socialist country was like, her education, marriage, children, and memories she remembers.

German Early Life

My grandma talks about her childhood memories and what it was like growing up in Nazi germany during the Second World War.

Understanding the Simple Life

In this interview conducted in Knoxville TN on November 25th 2018, Max Fields (17) interviews his step-grandmother Virginia Swaggerty about her childhood, family, faith, and the world today. Mrs. Swaggerty shares stories about growing up and her life through the...