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Anne Bauer: What our past experiences can teach us when navigating transitions in the present

In Anne’s story, she talks about the big transitions she has undergone in the past such as her participation in the anti-war movement in college to moving to Paris for a few years and then coming back to the States....

ELA interview

My mom and I talked a lot about being grateful for every day you are here!

Interview with Dorothy Whitfield Chisholm on her experience in WWII — Winning the Purple Heart, Serving in Paris by Graham Chisholm

Dorothy Whitfield Chisholm (98) speaks with her son, Graham Chisholm (62) about her experience joining the British Army at age 18 in 1941, and then transferring over to the US Army in Great Britain in 1942, being wounded by a...

Coronavirus/life Interview part 2

In part 1, my mother and I spoke about the pandemic and how it affected her business as well as her life before the pandemic. In this part, my mom shared about her time working in London and her work...

Coronavirus/life Interview part 2

I spoke with my mom about her time working in London and her work life in general.


Paris a boy who was homeless finds his savior and old lady