Sarah Butcher & Evelyn Hale

In this interview, you will here a conversation between an arts educator and former student

Erin Buitendorp, Claire Buitendorp, and Shawn Buitendorp

Erin Buitendorp (37) speaks with her sisters Shawn Buitendorp (30) and Claire Buitendorp (30) about their experiences growing up as twins and competing together on the reality show Project Runway. They also speak about success, fame and expectations and the...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview

I interview my mom about her passion in teaching and how she deals with overcoming covid troubles. Teachers everywhere have been going through many similar situations. The best thing we can do is adapt and learn from these harsh times...

Father & Daughter Combo

In this interview, my father and I will be discussing life lessons that'll bring so much success to one's life. The message of never giving up and to treat people the way you want to be treated are both true...

Community, Education, and State Pride

I interviewed my former high school English teacher, Mrs. Jessica Salfia, about her views on community during COVID-19, the educational system, and her passion for her state.

Immigration and the struggles

This interview is about one of my classmate . It mostly about her immigration stories and her passion.

A Step Towards a Clear Mind

My first official recording on here. Topic of passion. The recording got cut off at the end because I forgot to turn on airplane mode and I received a phone call. The last thing I wanted to to say is...

Katy Kelly and Ezra Kelly

Ezra Kelly (22) talks to his sister Katy Kelly (33) about childhood, their parents, family, and Katy's journey through life as a parent. They also discuss the influences that led to her business, the development of her mobile application, and...