God Old Days Interview

This interview was done to look back on the past and get a perspective of how different the lives of some of our relatives were.

Duckett, Alex (Peer Interview 11/30/23)

Me and my partner talk about current events and past events in our life’s. we also talk about our futures and what we love.

Getting to know my aunt better

I asked my aunt some questions I wanted to know and I got to Lear more about her and her past.

“Thanksgiving Listen” Interview (11/27)
November 27, 2023 App Interview

In this recording me and my dad talked about his childhood experiences and how they affected him in the future.

My best friend and I talk about life.

In this interview Zach Glaser (16) and Aiden Anderson (19) on november 26, 2023 talk about life. We cover topics such as the dangers of dangerous and pessimism, Aiden's past and how it has shaped him as a person. And...

Past/Future Interview With Heather.

This is a look back at different parts of our lives and also a look forward.