Interviewing my boyfriend

Ella 18 years old interviews her boyfriend Gage 20 years old. Talking about the future and past experiences.

Belinda’s interview

Today I interviewed my cousin Belinda. I was able to get to know her better and go back into our past and relieve those memories.

Within the life of Dr. Kenneth Bolton

A look into the well-known and loved professor, Dr. Kenneth Bolton's life. This interview gives view to a side of Dr. Bolton many may not have known of. It also allows a deeper look into his life growing up from...

My interview with Donna Kay Chapman (Granny)

Donna Kay Chapman (77) my grandmother, Calton Lamont Chapman SR (70) my grandpa (paternal) my son Lawson Keith Ent (5) in the background and myself Lonnie Cheyenne Ent (24)

The life of Julian Longchamp

I interviewed Julian Longchamp, he is 17 years old, and a good friend. I interviewed Julian on aspects of his life such as his past and future.

Interview On My Grandfather

My 75 year old grandfather discusses topics like the Vietnam War, 9/11, his greatest influence in life, and his clothing style as a teenager.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen!

I interviewed my dad about his younger self and views on the world back then and now.

The good old days

I talked to my grandma about things from the gold old days. I asked her questions ranging from what kind of car she had when she first started driving, how much gas and house payments cost as well as what...

My Interview with Jessica Donehower

Jessica Donehower talks about her past, and present as she addresses the questions asked by myself. Jess is 47, married with three kids, and lives in Corte Madera.

Roomate Interview

I interviewed my roomate Andie and she is 20 years old. I got to know her a little bit better about discussing her college life, home life, highschool, and relationships.