Interviewing My Grandfather

I interviewed my grandfather, Alan Posey, but I know him as Yaya. He is one of the most intelligent men I know and is my pastor. I was curious not know how, where, and when he learned all the things...

Jackie Hibbard and Nicole Lamarche

Colleagues Rev. Jackie Hibbard (56) and Rev. Nicole Lamarche (44) reflect on their calls to ministry, the challenges their community has faced in the last few years, and the values of their progressive church.

Michelle Weber and Ben Pascal
November 1, 2023 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Michelle Weber (54), the Chief of Police, and Ben Pascal (46), a Presbyterian minister, sit down in person at the Teton County Library in Jackson, Wyoming. They discuss their upbringings and families, their roles as...

Brian Thomas and Lori Kleinerman

One Small Step conversation partners Brian Thomas (55) and Lori Kleinerman (64) have a conversation about governmental powers, God's role, and how "there is nothing honorable or glorious about war."

Bridget Flad Daniels and Christie Reese

Bridget Flad Daniels (50) and her friend Christie Reese (48) talk about their friendship and their different journeys through reproduction and motherhood.

Janet Richards and Michael Albrecht

One Small Step conversation partners Michael Albrecht (22) and Janet Richards (54) discuss how major health issues have shaped their lives, how their Christian faith is important to each of them, how conflicts within their religious communities have forced them...

Brooke Johnson and Kurtis Haynes

One Small Step partners Brooke Johnson (31) and Kurtis Haynes (58) have a conversation about rebelling from their Christian homes, the complexities of personal responsibility, and the need for government investment in children's developmental years.

Bill M and Barnard Sims

One Small Step conversation partners Bill M. (38) and Barnard Sims (51) talk about their upbringings, their professions, and their perspectives on racial injustice in the United States.

Mike Wemmer and Patrick Roberts

One Small Step partners Mike Wemmer (78) and Patrick Roberts (58) sit down for a conversation about changing how we see those with different political views.

Peter Wilson, Marcia Wilson, and Stephen Wilson

Superintendent of Lake Geneva Schools Peter Wilson (45) interviews his parents, Stephen Wilson (76) and Marcia Wilson (75), about their childhood experiences and their families. Marcia and Stephen also talk about their role models, family stories, and mutual support in...