Boyon Yun & Will Rogers

Boyon shares with Will what led her to a career as a nurse practitioner and now has her DNP, working during COVID and being overextended. Her work with the APC mentorship program at Providence.

George Kanzler US Army veteran

Serving in the Army and later, the Peace Corps in subhSaharn Africa in the 1960s.

Andrea Casson and Glen Milstein

Spouses Andrea Casson (59) and Glen Milstein (61) talk about their life together, remembering how they met and special moments like their wedding night and having children together. They talk about Andrea's experience with Parkinson's disease and what they have...

Bonnie Rosenberg, Sanford Sherizen, and Eunice Cho

Partners Sanford "Sandy" Sherizen (80) and Bonnie Rosenberg (77) share a conversation with their new friend, Eunice Cho (32). They reflect on their work, the things that bring them joy, and the future.

Madeline Kellner and Clinton Kellner

Madeline Kellner (67) and Clinton "Clint" Kellner (67) share about their Peace Corps service in Guatemala and Peru and their evacuation from Peru because of COVID-19.

Kathleen Grussing and LuVerne Grussing

Spouses Kathleen Grussing (71) and LuVerne Grussing (71) talk about their shared experience of serving in the Peace Corps in Tunisia in the 1970's and going on to form the national basketball league in the Central African Republic.

Being the Change with Kenney Tran

Kenney Tran is a Vietnamese American RPCV who served in Colombia, telling stories of exploring his past, learning from history, and analyzing the political movements of today in order to sculpt a better world through policy and legislation. Kenney currently...