Coach to Athlete

Olivia (gymnast) and Keno (coach) discuss more backstory and thought process behind being a coach while learning more in depth information on Keno’s life.

Kim Hood job as a pharmacist and how it affected her life

Kim Hood (40) talks with her daughter, Emma Hood (12) about how her childhood affected her job and work style

My Pops, David R. Seely

I interview my dad, David Seely (71). I’m his son, Marc (44) I have had Parkinson’s for the past ten years and wanted to take this opportunity to sit down and chat with him about his life and life’s work...

Minnie Dewberry and Quincy Stephens

Brother and sister Quincy Stephens (76) and Minnie Dewberry (80) talk about their childhood in Alabama, their careers as teachers, and the legacies they both hope to leave behind.

Growing up with different cultured parents.

Aniah Janae Scott a 16 year old High School Senior. Dabria and Aniah are good friend during high school and until now. Both came from a background of different cultures and households. Here Aniah talks about how her parents childhood...

Kota [No Name Given] and Diana [No Name Given]

One Small Step conversation partners Kota "Dakota" [No Name Given] (40) and Diana [No Name Given] (60) talk about public school versus homeschool education, access to healthcare, and toeing the line between conservativism and liberalism.

Brian Baker and Justin Cummins

One Small Step Partners, Justin Cummins (32) and Brian Baker (66), talk about how the military touched each of their lives and affected their political perspectives.

Cam Be and Andre "Add-2" Daniels

Friends and collaborators Cam Be (41) and Andre "Add-2" Daniels (37) talk about their school experiences, their development as artists, and their current work mentoring young people.

Eric Price and Kim Anding

Coworkers Eric Price (42) and Kim Anding (65) discuss their long career at Gift of Hope and the changes they have witnessed as healthcare workers in regards to organ and tissue donation.

Fritz Oppenlander and Heather Brewer

Pastor Heather Brewer (53) of the Lake Geneva United Methodist Church talks to friend and parishioner Fritz Oppenlander [no age given] about his life of work and surviving a stroke and heart attack.