Interview with Grandma

We had a chance to discuss family and impactful moments. We talk about reaching goals, perseverance and the building blocks of life.

Sean Reilly Culminating Activity

Here I ask myself some questions about important people and lesson in my life, as well as some memories and advice to others.

The chat

I discussed with my Mom mostly of her lessons in life, and memories with me and other people she cares about.

PLP English 2 narrative- Dove- Jordan Plummer

We talked about how my mom got through all the challenges in her life and how she made it to where she is now

Narrative 2.14

I interviewed Cathy Reed about her journey to the US and what it was like after she moved here.

PLP English 2 Narrative

This interviewing my Harmony which is my Korean grandmother and how she felt, reacted, and what she experienced when she first came to America over a FaceTime call.

From being a stay home mom to working

It was about if my mom was able to take on the task after being a stay home mom for years.

Grace Marie Fierro

My mom perserved through many challenges to become the strong independent woman she is today.