Ayotunde Onabolu and Patrice Alamutu

Ayotunde Onabolu talks with his friend, Patrice Alamutu about lessons she has learnt in life, and things she hopes she could achieve

Interview with Robi W

I interviewed one of my good friends from high school, Robi Winder. Robi is trans and has had a unique lived experience. The interview goes over life experiences and personal relationships.

Mia and Alex 12-7-2023
December 8, 2023 App Interview

This is an interview with my friend Alex (22) and me! They identify as non-binary and bisexual and practice witchcraft as a form of spirituality.

Don and Kaitlyn 12.8.23

Don Austin is a 68 year-old man who has been my neighbor since I was born. Today we discussed his life as a veteran, student, and person.

Preston and Steven

Preston and Steven talk about their social differences and these actually bring them closer together.

Vittoria and Kahder 12-8-23

Vittoria (21) interviews Kahder (26), a straight young man who grew up Muslim. He discusses some of his hardships, values, beliefs and experiences whilst practicing Islam. He also dives into what it was like to leave his home due to...

Jane Baxter

Jane Baxter, 58, speaks about various experiences: growing up as a lesbian in the south, living out of her RV for a year, and being deeply influenced by music.

Trang Tran and Andrea Sanchez

Trang(18) talks with Andrea(40) about her life growing up in touch with her Hispanic background and her life after having kids.

Brooklyn and Cole

Brooklyn (19) interviews Cole (18) about how different but also similar their lives were growing up based off of where they grew up. Brooklyn is from small town Nebraska, Cole is from big city Los Angeles Calfiornia.