Charlee Spencer and her father David Spencer talk about his experiences growing up and going through life.

This interview was between me (age 17) and my father David Spencer (age 61) in November 2023. We had a discussion about his life growing up and his experiences throughout his childhood and adolescence. We also discussed his reaction and...

Harris, Kaleb (Peer Interview 11/20/23

the interviewer is Kaleb Harris (14) and the interviewee is Connor Sammons (15) and we are peers. The topics discussed were questions about pets and memories of those pets.

Mattie Hamilton and Sonja Killebrew

Mattie Hamilton (19) and her writing coach Sonja Killebrew (43) discuss themes of writing and creativity, sexuality, COVID-19 and Mattie's experiences in the foster care system.

Lisa Lindsay and Kim Hawley

One Small Step partners Lisa Lindsay (45) and Kim Hawley (58) discuss climate change, the war in Ukraine, and find common ground around their love for the outdoors and having dogs.

New Beginnings

On December 3rd, 2022 I interviewed my boyfriend Luis about his experience in moving here from Venezuela. The recording contains first hand accounts, stories, and raw emotions. Listen to the whole interview to understand his optimistic outlook on life, his...

My Sisters Job
November 29, 2022 App Interview

My sister and I chat about her job and the amazing opportunities she gets to face. She discusses about being a vet tech assistan