Eli Roberson

Eli described his passion for photography and why he wants to pursue a career in the photography field. Eli also gave a very passionate interview about how he wants to further develop his photography skills.

shauna denney interview Recording – 07-26-2023 10:42:08

I interviewed Shauna Denney. She is a photographer in Clay County, Alabama. we talked abt her career as a photographer.

Gerald King and Manuela Velasquez

Gerald "G-Ride" King (45) sits down with Storycorps facilitator Manuela Velasquez (23) to discuss his career as a visual and musical artist, as well as the importance of storytelling.

Mike Watts and Humza Rahman

Humza Rahman (30) interviews his friend and coworker Mike Watts (73) about his time at Loaves & Fishes, his artistic explorations, and his many “sides.”

The Journey To Entrepreneurship

This interview features Jessica (30) and James (30). This is a conversation about James taking the leap of faith to quit his full time job and become a full time entrepreneur. James discusses his highs, lows and the amazing decision...

The Renaissance Man

This interview is about Dr. Nezhadfar. He is an Auburn Alumni and currently work for GE Aerospace in Auburn Alabama. This interview covers his background and his side skills. Dr. Nezhadfar also talks about his wife and how she supported...

"Each time you go out [on the JR], you see very different things based on your experience, level and just interests."

Microbiologist Jason Sylvan has sailed on JOIDES Resolution for three expeditions - each time, packing his camera and tripod. Jason shares how he captures photos to convey the work done on the ship, along with personal aspects of collecting photos...

Barbara Reinhart and Philip Krejcarek

Barbara Reinhart (68) has a conversation with her friend Philip Krajcarek (76) about their early memories of making art, teaching, and their love of photography and other art mediums.

Bonnie Leigh: Folk Musician

Meet Bonnie Leigh! From picking up a guitar for $5 at a yard sale, to establishing herself as one of South Jersey’s most respected musicians, Bonnie has certainly come a long way. In this interview, she shares her best performing...