March 25, 2019
"The 6 Mentors You Meet in Life" an interview with Chuck McClain

By his own count, Chuck McClain has had six mentors in his career. His first may have been a teacher in Kansas City who took him to his first physics demonstration. Since 1978, he’s worked at NASA Goddard Space Flight,...

March 4, 2019
"Every part of the Cryosphere is changing faster & in more dramatic ways than I ever anticipated." an interview with Jonathan Bamber

Jonathan Bamber has always loved to climb mountains. It’s why, when he wrote an essay about ice crystal formation in clouds as an 18-year-old undergrad, he found his calling studying glaciers and the natural environment. He’s traveled the world as...

The scientific career of Stuart Yaniger

A summary of the professional life of a scientist. Both what it takes to become one and what it is like to be a scientist in the modern world.

November 5, 2017
Bill and Chad talk about Bill’s time at NC State.

At the 100th anniversary of the Physics Department at NC State, Bill takes a walk down memory lane. He solves the mystery of the phantom bricklayer and gives advice to current students.

"I had no hesitation."

This interview is private.

"How did you feel when you first came to the United States back in the sixties?"

This interview is private.