From Physics to Programming, my Dad’s story

My dad, David Kaiser (51), talks about how he went from a degree in physics to being the lead programmer for Laser UT

Daniel’s Grandparents

Leonard and Gloria Parker were interviewed, who are 85 and 82. We discussed their childhood life and accomplishments.

"When I was a child I always loved nature — I [knew] I wanted to become a scientist." A conversation with Stephanie Marie Ortiz Rosario.

Stephanie Marie Ortiz Rosario is an undergraduate student and Physics major from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez. Over the summer, Stephanie will be participating at SaSa, the Student Airborne Science Activation, summer program. SaSa is hosting 25 early-career undergraduates (first-...

“If you’re not failing, you’re not researching.” An Interview with Michael Hesse

Michael Hesse is the Director of Science at NASA’s Ames Research Center, focusing on space biological science. We talked to him about being a good leader, doing science all over the world, and the joys of racing cars.

Anna Ferris and Harold Korb

Anna Ferris (17) talks with her grandfather Harold Korb (78) about his childhood on a farm in North Dakota and his role in developing one of the earliest memory storage systems in US history.

"Just be really excited about what you're going to learn." An Interview with Peter Michelson

Peter Michelson was inspired by the Apollo moon program to study physics; now, he's a professor of physics at Stanford University and works at the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory. We talked to Peter about pivoting into a new field after...

Michael Brown and Greta Peters

One Small Step conversation partners Greta "Cherry" Peters (76) and Michael Brown (53) talk about their upbringings and the beliefs they share. Cherry discusses her experiences as the only woman in her graduate school program and what led her to...

Rachel Schonbaum and Jacob Shkrob

Rachel Schonbaum (20) speaks with her friend Jacob Shkrob (20) about their relationship, school, their lives during the pandemic, and what they hope for the future.

Dean Grodzins and Lee Grodzins

Dean Grodzins (59) interviews his father Lee Grodzins (94) about his life, education and career as a professor and physicist at MIT.