James Zellers and Mary Harmon-Christian

Mary "Cathy" Harmon-Christian (55) talks to her friend James "Jim" Zellers (59) about his life as a musician, his faith as a Catholic, and his identity as a gay man.

Courtney Pollack and Adele Pollack

Courtney Pollack (39) talks with her grandmother, Adele Pollack (93), about Adele's childhood, her love of piano and painting, and the many roles she has taken on throughout her life.

Patty Dominguez and Lorelle Nelson

Patty Dominguez (60) interviews her friend Lorelle Nelson (79) who shares about her international adventures and her work as a piano technician.

Teenagers in the Covid 19 era. Gilbert Ave.

In honor of the StoryCorp virtual mobile tour coming to Montana. (I am Program Director for Montana Public Radio) another interview with my two younger children about this crazy spring living in this era of the social distancing and life.

John coats

This interview of John was recorded at friendship village in Kalamazoo michigan

Beth Jackson and James Elliott III

Friends Beth Jackson (64) and James Edward "Pudgie" Elliott III [no age given] talk about their love of music. Pudgie talks about growing up in New York City as the oldest child in his family. They sing a few different...