Irma Gobcewicz on communism in poland and marshal law in poland.

Tom W.

Came from poland, and is now the father of my sisters best friend.

My Mom’s Immigration Story

Today I talked to my mom about her childhood and early adult years when she decided to move to America. We talked about how her birth country is different than American and how she got through the change.

Zosia’s Story

Zosia is my 71 year old grandmother from Poland. In this interview, she describes how it was like growing up in Poland a few decades ago.

Growing Up as an Eastern European with Martin Sreba

In this interview, conducted in Kentfield, California, Aurora Sreba (15) interviews her father Martin Sreba (50) about his childhood, growing up in Eastern Europe. Learn about his life growing up in: Mielec,Poland, moving to Cologne, Germany then later, Ontario, Canada.

Grandpa Interview

Interview of my Grandpa Zbigniew Zajac by Jonas Zajac

LHP Interview

Interview view of my mom with her life in Poland in the 80’s.

Bella’s interview with her dad, Mariusz:)

We talked about his life when he came to America and different things he’s experienced thus far.

Interview With Grandpa!

I asked my grandpa about who his parents where and how they came here