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Interview with Babcia

Granddaughter Leah (31) and Grandmother/Babcia Janina (88) discuss her life in occupied Poland during World War II. Recorded on February 9, 2018.

Interviewing my Aunt Julia Nowak

During new years I interview my aunt that is a polish immigrant. She is not the best at english but she tried her hardest.

Meet the Walkers

Ruth and Richard Walker both grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Both sides of their families were recent immigrants to the country from Croatia and Poland, as part of the Eastern European mass immigration to the Midwest. After recently celebrating their...

Steve Desroches and Donna Duffy

Steve Desroches (47) and Donna Duffy (72) talk about their shared alma mater Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts and Duffy's experiences as a woman pursuing an education and career in the 1970s.

Walter Nobliski and Christopher Reid (Grandson) December 2012

This interview discusses the life of Walter Nobliski from his birth until the date of the interview. It includes his time in the 507th H Company during WW2 and his eventual retirement from Chrysler.


A little bit about what life was like growing up for Marlene