Aaron Story Corps Interview

Aaron Onofre a Political Science student at St Mary’s University

Tough Times and its Effects

We discuss political and social issues in addition to covering personal background information.

Ties: Politics and Religion

I'm this interview, Ms. Anita discussed her uprising as a religious, young, black female. We discussed the famous BLM movement, and religious affiliation. Ms. Anita, as Christian, input immense thoughts pertaining to her sheer faith in GOD, and has also...

Lonnie and Jordan Duncan

This discussion ended up going into a thoughtful discussion about what we see the world as today. It was very insightful and gave me an understanding of how he sees the world today.

History interview

My 10th grade interview with Grammy

Story Corps great thanksgiving
November 30, 2020 App Interview

Multiple random questions with my girlfriend.

American Voices Interview project Joshua Patton

We discussed The current state of America. Also, the past and evolution of the country.

His Political Affiliation

Dylan Anders speaks his mind about his political history and what he has learned over his lifetime.