Mustafa Dabaja interviews Rami Dabaja on America

Mustafa Dabaja interviews his brother Rami Dabaja on what he thinks of America and how we should move forward. Together they address the problems we have as a society and how we should fix them.

How Politics Helped Heal My Relationship with My Dad (yeah, you read that right!)

Mark and Emily, father and daughter, sit down to discuss the evolution of how debating (mostly arguing) politics has oddly brought them closer together, even though their ideas and beliefs couldn't be further apart. It was a process!

Story corps interview com101

Overall, Sam and I talked about our different stances on politics and where we stand with our views today.

Story corps political view

This is about me and calebs differences in our political views and some things we agree on too.

Interview with Carrie White

An interview with Carrie White about her journey in terms of a community of beliefs, faith, and politics.

The Impact of Television in a Changing World

This is an interview with my dad about how television impacts society and his life specifically, as well as how he has seen television change

Will interview

On today’s episode of Keeping Up With Hannah, Will and I discuss some very important questions. So fun.

ECON Extra Credit

In this interview I took the time to listen and understand one of my roommates who has a differing opinion than me on many topics

Com interview

I interviewed one of my friends